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The 5 Conversations Programme

The 5 Conversations programme – a combination of individual preparation and workshops – has been designed to inspire and motivate managers to have 5 specific conversations through the learning of neuroscience and engagement theory, practical exercises and reflection.

Participants will

  • Understand the human and neuroscience background to engagement.
  • Learn a simple but powerful agenda for holding each of the five conversations.
  • Develop the insights, enabling beliefs and emotional commitment necessary to make these conversations happen as an integral part of every working day.
  • Pro-actively create opportunities to hold the conversations in the days, weeks and months ahead As a result, their team’s commitment and engagement will increase, leading to rapid and measurable improvements in performance.
This is not a ‘learn and do’ skills course. The programme is conducted in a style that provides participants with insights into their own behaviour by delving into neuroscience and human communication. This leads people to experience their own ‘Aha!’ moments during reflection and discussion, and allows them to draw on these to practice new behaviours in a safe environment.

The 5 Conversations programme is delivered in-company by accredited facilitators as:

  • 2-day Workshop
  • 1-day Masterclass
  • 1/2-day Essentials programme
  • 6-part Bite-size programme
  • 6-part Virtual programme

Pre-programme work involving reading and reflective exercises is also included to help participants prepare for the workshop.

There are self-assessment and 360 diagnostic tools available for use within the programmes or as a stand alone purchase.

More information can be found here.

Yes. This is important, as we refer to it during the programme.  It should take no longer than 90 minutes to complete and comprises:

  1. Personal reflection questions about the quality of your relationships at work.
  2. Consider your personal objectives for attending the programme.
  3. Reading selected articles for discussion during the course.

Participants need to bring the completed work to the workshop.

Workshops are restricted to a maximum of 16 participants, except for the virtual bite-size programme which is 10 participants. We work on a trainer-participant ratio of 1:8 (1:5 for virtual bitesize) to:

  • maintain the intimacy of the programme; particularly where we are dealing with potentially sensitive feelings;
  • ensure that there adequate opportunities for practicing exercises in a group; and
  • ensure that there are opportunities for one to one contact between trainers and participants.

As standard the programmes are currently only delivered in English with all printed course materials only available in English.

No. The 5 Conversations programme is a unique, stand-alone product. We believe that the information and outcomes it provides are universal and crucial for the success of any organisation, regardless of its industry or location.

5 Conversations aims to deliver very specific learning outcomes which can only be achieved if the programme is followed as it is written.

All content is copyrighted so that the integrity of the programme structure and content is protected and the learning outcomes are guaranteed.

Yes. The Oxford Group runs an accreditation course for 5 Conversations so that your own trainers can deliver the programme ‘in-house’.  This ‘Train the Trainer’ style process is conducted as a 3 day face to face workshop

Although your trainers will be able to deliver the programme on their own, course materials must be purchased from The Oxford Group.

Please contact us for more information about trainer accreditation.

Open programmes are not currently available. Delivery is conducted on the dates requested at a venue of the client’s choice.

The Oxford Group are able to deliver the 5 Conversations programme all over the world.

(consultant locations pink; further delivery locations in teal)